Exp: 45+ years

Dr. Alfred Wilson

MBBS (Qld), DRANZCOG, ECFMG (Phil), DipObstRCOG (Lond), MFM (Mon), LLB (Syd)

Dr Wilson has been in practice in Australia since 1972 when he qualified with his primary Medical Qualifications MBBS from the University of Queensland, which he entered in 1966 after obtaining a Scholarship from Fiji to study Medicine. In his External Examinations at Natabua High School, Lautoka, Fiji, he scored the highest marks in a decade. He was rewarded with a scholarship to study Medicine in any overseas country that included Australia, New Zealand, and the British Isles. But he chose to attend the first University that accepted him in Australia in 1966. He commenced his studies in March 1966 at the University of Queensland and graduated in the year 1972. He completed his residency in Queensland Hospitals and then moved to Melbourne, where he completed his primary Surgical Fellowship Examinations and trained for obstetrics and gynecology. To obtain adequate training, he joined the O & G Team at the Townsville General Hospital.

Rivaside Medical Practice

It is a very busy solo General Practice. We are situated on level 3 in Suite 4 at 1 Horwood Place Parramatta in the Central Business District. When we began at Parramatta in 2006, our premises were in the Brandsmart Building near the Parramatta River (hence the name ‘rivaside’). We moved here in February 2009, and the practice has grown by leaps and bounds. With the help of Wentwest, we have created many clinics, e.g., Diabetes. We service all from very young to the very old males and females, pregnant and those who suffer from degenerative diseases and the worried well.